Students mourn canceled summer plans


Junior Lara Dib visited Lebanon last summer.

Like many of us, junior Sarah Gonzalez was looking forward to her summer, free from schoolwork and full of sunlight. Now, due to the coronavirus running rampant, her plans have been put on hold.

This summer, Gonzalez and her family had planned a trip to Colombia. Her family is disappointed that those plans have been cancelled.

“I am pretty sad because I was really looking forward to hanging out with my friends and going to the beach,” Gonzalez said. This would have been the first summer in years for her to visit her family in Colombia.

Junior Lara Dib was also supposed to travel to Lebanon this summer, but now these plans are up in the air.

In addition, many students generally spend summer with friends and outdoors enjoying the weather. Junior Nalin Rawat spends each summer playing soccer with his friends and taking trips to new places on his bike.

Rawat and his friends usually use their summer break to stay sharp on soccer skills, keeping it productive yet enjoyable.

Since the soccer season, along with all other spring sports, got canceled Rawat was awaiting the summertime to get the chance to play.

However, the Virginia High School League has declared offseason workouts and summer practices canceled. Rawat and his friends are upset at the fact that they won’t have their typical summer.

Lastly, senior Walter Hernandez had plans with his friends for the summer before parting ways for college. Beach week is common among seniors after graduation.

“We had been planning to go to beach week for months and looking forward to it,” Hernandez said. “It’s annoying that we might not get to go, especially after graduation and prom were also canceled.”

Although it’s hard to stay positive when thinking of these missed opportunities, it’s important to remember that the chance to do all of these things will come eventually. At the moment, it’s most important that everyone practices social distancing and stays safe.