Students and staff react to Trump’s Covid-19 diagnosis

On Friday, Oct. 2, Republican candidate Donald Trump notified the public about him succumbing to Covid-19. He tweeted a statement announcing the First Lady testing positive as well at 1 a.m. and reassured the public on his plans to recover. Since then, he has recently been sent to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and will be staying there for the next few days.

It’s very evident that the majority of students don’t take pity on Trump with this news. Students expressed their initial thoughts on this recent development.

“I think it’s pretty ironic because he said stuff about it being a hoax and [was] constantly downplaying it and in the end, he got it,” junior Michelle Zou said.

From the majority of the reactions, it seems this was more anticipated than shocking. Many critiqued Trump’s choices leading up to him testing positive for Covid-19.

“I wasn’t surprised. He wasn’t wearing a mask, and he was going/hosting large events,” said Rahiel Berhe.

Not everyone, however, was expecting this. “I was surprised, especially considering how often he’s tested,” math teacher Jessica Klein said.

Trump’s campaigning schedule is put on halt for the time being and his upcoming events have been cancelled. However, even being so close to the election, some aren’t convinced that the polls are going to be affected.

“I think it is unlikely that this will change anything with the polls, since many other controversial and shocking things have happened in the past four years, without too many people changing their minds about Trump,” English teacher Ingrid St. Clair said.

The Republican candidate’s little to no concern over Covid is how he brought it upon himself and others around him. During Trump’s time campaigning, he held a Rose Garden event on Sept. 26 to nominate Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. Kellyanne Conyway, former Trump senior adviser, was tested positive for Covid-19 due to her attendance. In addition to Conyway, Republican senators Thom Tillis and Mike Lee were attendees to the event and both have tested positive for Covid-19 since then.

Even with his high risk to Covid, Trump deemphasized the issue and this is what makes it difficult for people to feel sympathetic for him. “Donald Trump getting coronavirus could’ve been easily avoided if he decided to wear a mask,” senior Dawud Bundu said..

With the election only a month away and Trump’s campaigning coming to a pause, tensions are running high. “I think Americans are very nervous about this election. This goes for both sides,” junior Jack Perloff said. “There is an unspoken understanding by everyone about how much is riding on the results of the election and that it can heavily influence the state of our nation for many future generations.”

The news about Trump’s development of Covid couldn’t have been less ill timed. The expectation for Trump supporters is clear as individuals do not foresee Trump supporters backing down. However, as Americans prepare for elections, they are forced to make a decision, and that decision could be to skip voting at all.

“Americans who fervently support Trump will continue to praise him and minimize the Covid situation. They will point to his mild symptoms as evidence that his lackadaisical approach was justified,” St. Clair said. “Some moderate republicans may lose willingness to cast a vote for him, but may still choose to skip the election before voting for Biden.”