AHS no longer offering walk-ups for IT support

As of Oct. 28, AHS will no longer support student walk ups.

With the decrease of students needing FCPS laptops and support and students and staff going back to school, the support model used in the beginning of the school year is now unnecessary.

In order to continue IT support, every student and staff member must fill out an IT ticket. Every staff member should have a RequestIT icon, and every student should have a Student Support Request icon on their computer.

If a staff member doesn’t have this icon then they should click on this link. If that doesn’t work then, they should run Re-Map Network Drives which requires a VPN.

For students who don’t have this icon, then they should click on this link. Staff can also send a ticket for the student. The ticket contains basic student information like Student ID and student name. It also will ask for your computer barcode and description of your issue.

All tickets submitted and received should be sent to Annandale HS IT support staff and should have a response within 24 hours.

Students can go to the Fairfax County Public Schools Technology Support for Families. If a student requires a MiFi device, they should contact the student counselor.

For more information and help, contact AHS at 703-642-4252 for their office phone.