AHS librarians continue work despite COVID


Since the start of virtual learning school librarians have had to adapt to changes around the library. With students not being able to go to school, they cannot check out books or use other physical resources the library typically offers. 

The librarians have been working tirelessly to try to make all resources available to students in a virtual setting. 

“Ms. Scharankov and I have spent a lot of time this year going digital,” librarian Pat Brown said. “We created resources with easy access for both staff and students.”

To view these resources, staff can go to Info Central and students can go through the Student Portal.

They also hold office hours every week day on Google Meet from 11am to 12pm. 

“Anyone can drop in to ask questions, get support, or just chat,” Brown said.

Like in-person learning last year, they also teach students. 

“We co-teach classes both synchronously and asynchronously to provide support for a specific lesson, topic, or teacher” Brown said.

The AHS Library Website also holds information students might need and the IB Research Website contains IB based materials.

Students can also access eBooks and audiobooks to read for their own enjoyment. MackinVIA is an FCPS platform that allows students to do this easily on any device. 

The public library also offers the Libby app that holds a large number of eBooks and audiobooks, free of cost. 

“Reading every day is the single most important thing a student or any person can do,” Brown said. “It builds cognitive function (you can get a bigger and better brain), empathy, vocabulary, stamina for completing complex situations, and relaxing and having fun.”

For students hoping to read physical copies of books there may be hope in the future.

“There are challenges with providing print materials to students in the COVID environment. However, challenges can be overcome,” Brown said. “We are currently working on a process to provide students access to print materials from the AHS physical collection.”

All of the librarian’s hard work goes toward ensuring that students are able to thrive in any setting.