Halloween on hold?

With Halloween just around the corner, students begin to plan for their upcoming celebrations. Whether it’s handing out candy, trick or treating, or going to costume parties, students may feel the need to adjust their plans because of Covid-19 safety guidelines.

The CDC released statements asking people to consider the health risks involved in different types of Halloween celebrations. This Halloween may be the first year student’s homes are not hosting a get together or being greeted by little trick or treaters asking for candy.

Halloween plans may be up in the air for some students having to adjust or cancel plans. “My plans for Halloween are not confirmed yet,” junior Ishat Hannan said. “I might hang out with a few friends and have a movie night. There aren’t going to be many adjustments since we don’t go trick or treating, but we will obviously take the necessary precautionary measures to ensure that everyone stays safe.”

Not only are high school students’ Halloween plans affected, but so are younger siblings who may go trick or treating. Freshman Colin McGee has four younger brothers who usually go out trick or treating and will continue this year.

“My mom knows many people in my neighborhood that are just leaving out candy on a table at the end of their driveways,” he said.

To minimize Covid-19 related risks this Halloween, sophomore Katie Hutnan decided to make adjustments to her Halloween plans this year regarding the CDC safety recommendations for Halloween.

“I will probably meet up with my friends, but we’ll be outside and socially distanced,” Hutnan said. “Usually, we would be watching movies at someone’s house, so this year we can’t do that.”

The CDC made a statement on their webpage that said “indoor gatherings generally pose more risk than outdoor gatherings,” so students may want to consider outdoor activities to maintain safety.

Regardless of how students decide to continue their Halloween festivities and celebrations, all risks should be considered as well as ways to stay safe amidst this pandemic. Happy Halloween, Atoms!