Rolling gradebook gets mixed responses

Due to virtual learning this year, FCPS has implemented a new method of grading. This new method is called the rolling gradebook. The rolling gradebook is essentially a system which allows your grades from the previous quarter to roll into the next quarter, hence the name, rolling gradebook.

This means at the start of a new quarter, your previous quarter grade will not go away like it did last school year. Instead, your teachers will continue to add assignments on. The difference in grading between this year and last year, is that last year your final mark was determined by the average of grades you got in each quarter. This year your final mark in each class will already be averaged while it’s being put in the gradebook.

They believe the rolling gradebook can show a more accurate representation of students grades and averages as a whole.This also may be a motivator to some students to know that at the beginning of the quarter they won’t have the luxury of having a fresh slate and restarting from nothing. This could help students engage more in their classes and push them to work harder and strive to get a better grade. If students understand the entirety of the rolling gradebook and how it could benefit them it could possibly cause an incentive for students to try their best all four quarters.

“I think the rolling gradebook is a really great idea, I honestly feel like it’s a better way to correctly show our improvement throughout all of the quarters. Personally it’s made my life a lot easier because I don’t really have to worry about my grade changing when a new quarter starts.I wonder if when school starts to open up if we’ll be changing back to the original method of grading,” junior Tsion Abate said.

There has been no word from the board yet determining if the rolling gradebook will continue once in person learning begins. Although there have been a select number of students participating in in-person learning, their method of grading has not changed since the majority of the school is partaking in online school. There has been word of in person learning starting up sometime during the new year but students have an alternative option of learning online which may cause some confusion when it comes to the grading process.

So far the responses to the rolling gradebook from both students and teachers have been generally positive or neutral.

“I’m a big fan of the rolling gradebook, I think it enables students to worry less about grades and focus more on learning.Especially with this year I think it’s important that teachers and the administration be very flexible with students because a lot of people are going through a lot of changes and experiencing a lot of difficulty in a lot of different ways this year. So I think it’s a good response to the conditions that were in,” government teacher Mathew O’Neill said

FCPS hopes that this new method of grading will help put students at ease during this very stressful time. All students should remember to try their best, take breaks, and be safe!