VA introduces more Covid-19 regulations


Nine-year-old Jinan Hamadeh looks through the racks at Salvation Army. Children five years old and above must now wear masks in indoor public settings. The previous regulation was for ten years old and above.

After a recent spike in COVID-19 cases across the country, Virginia has announced several new changes to the current measures in order to prevent spread of the virus.
Virginia’s average number of new cases per day has jumped to 1,500, which is the highest among any point in the pandemic.
One of the biggest new regulations is the limit of in person gatherings inside or outside to 25 people or less. The previous max amount was 250 people, making this a major change to the current restrictions.
“I feel like this is correct for the state because 25 is a good and safe amount for public places. 250 is a lot and the cases would continue to increase,” sophomore Tyson Nguyen said. “This way we can curve the amount of cases as much as possible and work to keep everyone safe.”
These new restrictions do not affect any schools, churches or offices, in any way. The ban also does not affect sports: the number of spectators must be 25 or fewer or 30%, whichever is a lower amount.
Virginia is also expanding the mask mandate that was set in place in May. The current mandate requires all people aged ten and above to wear a face covering in an indoor public setting. Going forward, all people aged five and above will be required to wear a face covering in public.
“This can help to keep people of all ages safe when going out,” sophomore Olivia Cruz said.
There will also now be a stronger enforcement on wearing masks, cleaning, and physically distancing in essential retail stores like supermarkets. In the past, these stores have only been asked and recommended to enforce these regulations in their stores. Now it is required state-wide.
Any violations towards these practices can result in a Class One misdemeanor charge through the Virginia Department of Health.
Virginia has also put a ban on all onsite selling, possession or consumption of alcohol after 10 p.m. in any restaurants, bars, or dining establishment of any kind. The law remains that any people who drink alcohol before 10 p.m. must be sitting at least 6 feet apart.
While these are strict restrictions, they are necessary to be respectful to one another and keep our community safe.