Students look forward to catch up days

In an effort to address student stress and workload reduction, all FCPS middle and high schools have scheduled “catch up days”over the course of the year. For students at Annandale, these 2 days will be on Jan. 14 and 15.

Other FCPS schools, including Justice and Centreville High School, have had their catch up days before winter break. Their catch up days took place on Dec. 10 and 11. Other schools such as Madison High School had their catch up days in late October.

With students learning from home this year, there has been an increased stress level for some students.

“It has definitely been a challenge being at home this year and not being able to learn in person. I learn better in person and have struggled at times adapting to new learning formats,” sophomore Ben Nguyen said.

Students will have these catch up days to finish any missing assignments or any long term projects that haven’t reached their final due date.

“I am certainly looking forward to completing my work over the catch up days. Having mondays to complete work has been very useful this year, and I am looking forward to the catch up days to make sure I have all of my work turned in,” sophomore Kaylee Rivera said.

Teachers will not post new assignments or assessments on either of these days, as they are solely for students to make up work or complete long term assignments.

“I find it amazing that FCPS is giving students two days to make up work. Students get the chance to complete their assignment and relax once they’re done,” sophomore class president Rahiel Berhe said.

These 2 days are a great opportunity for all students to make sure that they are all caught up on their work from the second quarter or the first semester before they end on Jan. 22.

“I will use these 2 days to prioritize my long term assignments. Students don’t have much of an opportunity to work on them during the school year due to short term assignments priority so these 2 days will be great,” junior Zack Pacak said.