Governor floats idea of school year-round

Earlier this month, Governor Ralph Northam introduced the possibility of year round schooling for the 2021-22 school year. There is also a possibility of school days this summer to help students catch up on learning.
“Our children have suffered from COVID-19, as have our families. And one of the things that we’re certainly entertaining is looking at perhaps a year-round schooling,” Northam said.
Northam also said that he is already discussing the idea with local superintendents and state education leaders.
Richmond superintendent Jason Kamras has also supported the idea of additional instruction next year and says that a year-round schedule is a way to approach it.
“I think year round school is not a good idea. I know that us kids love summer break, but the break is necessary for our mental health,” sophomore Armen Boghosian said. “Everyone needs a break, including us students.”
Virginia’s 285,000 teachers and child care workers are currently in the next phase of Virginia residents that are eligible to receive the vaccine. Northam has stressed the importance of making sure the return to in person education is safe for everyone.
“The bottom line: we want to get our children back in school and we want to do it safely and responsibly,” Northam said.
“I am extremely hopeful that we will have the opportunity to go back to in-person learning this year, but I also understand that safety remains the number one priority,” senior Madison Cruz said.
Although there is some full in person learning, the majority of students in Virginia still attend classes fully online or a hybrid of online classes and in person learning.
“Online school has both helped and made learning harder for me. I have enjoyed being able to go at my own pace sometimes,” sophomore Jaden Carothers said. “However, I have struggled gaining motivation to do all of my work and turn assignments in on time.”
There has been no official comment from FCPS superintendent Scott Brabrand on the possibility of year round schooling. The country will hope to have an official decision made by the springtime.