Students react to influencers’ irresponsibility

Students react to influencers irresponsibility

Over the past year, the notion of celebrity and working class has become abundantly clear. The pandemic has made it very difficult for many working class citizens to get by, financially and mentally. However, many influencers are still choosing to indulge in average parties and social events.

“I feel frustrated, because it’s not fair for the people who have been staying in for months and months on end,” junior Michelle Zou said.

The clear issue of irresponsibility and poor influence on their impressionable audience is undeniable.

“These influencers should recognize that they have an audience that can be influenced heavily by the actions of those they look up to, especially with young audiences,” junior Jack Perloff said.

Some students note how influencers have the privilege to help and positively affect their audiences. With the understanding of the situation, students expect celebrities to use their privilege to make a difference.

“They’re influencers who people look up to – and it makes people think it’s okay to put others at risk so [they] can be happy,” junior Trisha Tran said. “They also have the privilege to help people [and make] aware their supporters aware of the situation and start something that could help, like a fundraiser.”

The major advantages influencers have worsened the negative light they’re basking in, and students continue to show their distaste for the inappropriate behavior.

“[Influencers] also have the privilege of resources that could help them instantly and travel more safely,” Tran said. “Some people don’t even have the luxury to visit a family member.”

Reasons for the negative examples these influencers are setting can be boiled down to ignorance, general stupidity, and the lack of sympathy and awareness. Students hold influencers accountable for how damaging their actions can be.

“[Influencers] need to get a grip on reality,” Zou said. “Someone really needs to educate them on the severity of their actions. It’s disgusting and angering to watch them just get away with – excuses of being ‘stressed’ or ‘being a teen’.”

Other students speculate the idea that influencers willingly show their ignorance of health guidelines for exposure. Reasoning for their obvious lack of sympathy is assumed to be due to their desire of selfish gains.

“[A] possibility that it can spark controversy that gets people talking about the situation, which is ultimately good for the influencers and growing their brand,” Perloff said.

With the vast amount of irresponsible influencers, students can only assume the worst of the individuals involved in these violations of health guidelines.

“I think [influencers] are just careless and because it hasn’t really affected them personally, they don’t take it seriously,” Tran said. “They always assume people calling them out are hateful and choose to ignore it.”