Students enjoy warm weather


Flowers are starting to blossom in the new warm weather.

With the official first day of spring having started on March 20, and ending on June 20, this 3 month spring time will bring a new wave of warm weather for students to take advantage of. But with spring also comes a sometimes very rainy season that can cause it to feel sticky outside and very humid.

With the world still very much in a pandemic this spring season gives people the opportunity to go outside more with the warm weather, take a break and enjoy themselves.

“I’m trying to go outside more,” sophomore Waed Abdelhamid said. ”I’m trying to go outside more and ride my bike since the weather is warmer. But just because the weather is warmer doesn’t mean we can still get sick.”

Parks and trails are now being used a lot more than in the winter. Going outside and engaging in activities are becoming much more popular as the pandemic has pushed everybody inside their homes and the new spring weather gives people a reason to go outside and get active.

“With the new warm weather I’m planning to do more outdoor activities and playing basketball with my friends, running, and working out outside,” sophomore Natan Mengiste said. “I’ve been inside most of winter from it being so cold outside, so it feels really good to be able to go outside and enjoy the warm weather.”

Something that comes hand in hand with spring is the planting and growing of flowers and plants. In D.C. you can easily tell that spring is here when you see all the bright and vibrant colors from the plants and the famous cherry blossoms blooming.

The warm weather also gives a glimpse of what it will be like in the near summer and gets you into the warm weather and spending a lot of time outside in the sun.