Leadership to host outdoor Homecoming

Due to Covid-19, this year’s Homecoming will take place outside on the stadium parking lot on Saturday, Oct. 9.
The Leadership class has been working to ensure that the transition from a typical indoor Homecoming to an outdoor one runs smoothly.

“We’ve been working incredibly hard trying to make the Homecoming experience as normal as possible,” Leadership President Laiba Javed said.

Leadership teachers Anne Ray, Keely Norris and Jae Lee have been helping their class prepare for the event.

Although unusual, many other FCPS schools are preparing for outdoor Homecoming’s in hopes of keeping Covid exposure low amongst students.

This will be the first Homecoming at Annandale dance since 2019, so students are eager to attend the event after not being able to attend.

Compared to previous years, other changes besides the location of the dance have been made.
Instead of catering, there will be food trucks from different businesses such as Kona Ice, CaliBurger, Kool Zone and Uncle Fred’s BBQ.

There will also be different decorations compared to past Homecomings. Since the dance will be outdoors, there will be tents, outdoor lighting and outdoor seating as well.

“We are super excited because we are going to have professional lighting, a tent and a dance floor. We also have four food trucks coming and a DJ. Although this year is a lot different than previous ones, it’s going to look a lot more professional be a lot of fun,” Javed said.

Tickets for the dance are being sold on My School Bucks for $15 until Oct.1. Students can also purchase the Homecoming t-shirt and masquerade mask for an additional $10.

Guest forms are also available for students from other schools to fill out.

The Homecoming dance isn’t the only event that has been adjusted due to Covid restrictions.

The Homecoming Pep Rally that is usually held outside with the entire school is now being split in half into two 30 minute sessions.