FCPS covers SAT cost for seniors

The SAT has been an important part of the senior experience for years. In the past, the SAT came with a $75 price tag.

FCPS is now offering the test free of charge for all seniors.

SAT school day, as FCPS is calling it, will take place on Oct. 13. Every high school in the county is participating. The SAT subject tests and SAT essay will not be offered.

“I think it is an awesome opportunity since testing centers are limited and not everyone has been able to take the SAT,” senior Kate Chrestman said.

The test is only available for seniors and will take place in the modular. The check-in and testing times have not been released at the time this article was published, but information on that can be found on the AHS website.

“I think it is great because it is accessible to many who may have not been able to afford signing up for an SAT. Or simply those who could not find seating at an SAT. It is a wonderful opportunity for anyone who needs it,” senior Camily Salvador said.

There will be 287 seniors taking the SAT. Testing classrooms will have around 20 to 30 students in them and all Covid regulations will still be in place.

With most colleges not requiring SAT or ACT scores this year, some students have decided to not take the test.

Along with the SAT, the PSAT will be administered to juniors and sophomores on Oct. 13. AHS will also have a two hour early release on the same day.

All academy classes and shuttles will be cancelled for the day and freshmen will have a virtual asynchronous learning day.

General information about the SAT school day testing format is on www.collegeboard.org.

If you have questions about the SAT School Day administration at Annandale High School, please contact Mike Ward at [email protected]