Flag Football makes a huge return

Flag Football, formerly known as Powderpuff, has made a huge return to AHS with over 100 participants. Flag Football is a high school tradition that is typically done before Homecoming to get students excited for the dance.
Participants from all four grade levels have been attending after-school practices and being coached by football players from the corresponding grade level.

“I am excited to be coaching the senior Flag Football team and giving the defense players more insight since that is the position I play,” senior Yazid Sakta said. “ I am hopeful that the team will be able to pick up skills quickly and lead the senior flag football team to a win.”

With the help of Keely Norris, Assistant Director of Student Activities, and approval from administration, Leadership was able to go forward with preparing for Flag Football.

“I was thrilled to learn the school wanted to bring back the Homecoming Flag Football event. As a football enthusiast, I have loved getting the opportunity to share the sport with students who otherwise haven’t had the chance to play it competitively,” Norris said. “The classes have been working hard to prepare and are ready for a fun and competitive evening, make sure to come out on Oct. 1 to see what it’s all about!”

Students in Leadership have been creating flyers and designing shirts in preparation for the games. “I was amazed by the overwhelming number of signups we had in such a short amount of time from all four grade levels,” senior Sydney Wilmes said.“ I am hopeful that we will have a good turnout from the students considering most of them have never attended a Homecoming Flag Football game.”

In accordance with new FCPS guidelines, Flag Football had its name changed from Powderpuff in order to be more gender inclusive.

“I think it’s great that FCPS wants to ensure all students feel included and represented,” senior Trisha Tran said. Other activities like Peach Fuzz and Mr. Annandale will also need to be altered to fit these new county guidelines.

The Flag Football tournament will take place on Friday, Oct.1 to kickoff Homecoming week here at AHS.