Snow days will remain for winter

After switching from in-person instruction to virtual during the pandemic, snow days have been up in the air. FCPS has decided to keep snow days as they were pre-covid, with one change.

The first five snow/inclement weather days will be as students and staff know them. However, once the five days have been reached, FCPS will switch to unscheduled virtual learning days. The first five days can be consecutive or separate individual days.

“I am very happy with the decision to keep snow days (in some capacity) because snow days allow other students and myself to enjoy something that we do not see very often,” senior Anna Delaney said. “We get to sleep in, get a good break, and enjoy activities like sledding, snow ball fights, and building snowmen. It also gives teachers a good break for relaxation, which I know they appreciate.”

This new system was formed so FCPS could still give support to families within the community. During these inclement weather days, FCPS has made it a goal to continue to provide food to students wherever possible.

“Allowing five days for inclement weather events—and this may be one event, or several individual events—allows time to operationalize everything needed to continue to serve our students and families. This includes allowing for pick-up times for devices, clearing parking lots so those devices can be collected, and providing food, as well as allowing teachers time to reformat their classes for a virtual format,” FCPS stated in a Oct. 19 news release.

On inclement weather days FCPS will take into account different variables that could affect these virtual learning days. These variables include power outages, technical connection issues, and whether students even have access to devices that they may not have taken home the night before.

“I think keeping snow days is a great idea. It helps bring back some normality after a hard year. It could also allow students to relax and destress from school,” senior Merridith Harrison said.