Q&A with Deborah Maletz on the possibilities of Omicron

Q: What do you think will happen if the virus breaks out in the school?

A: I don’t think a virus will break out at school. 


Q: How likely do you think an outbreak will happen in the school? 

A: Since we are wearing masks, I don’t think it will happen. I think it would have already happened. 


Q: Do you think the Omicron variant will affect going to school the same way it did last year or differently? 

A: I think since most of the population is vaccinated, it will be less severe. Plus the omicron variant is less deadly. 


Q: How long do you think the Coronavirus or Omicron variant will last?

A: I heard omicron will last until mid-Feb. I wish I knew how long COVID would last.


Q: If we went virtual or hybrid, how long do you think this system will last?

A: I hope we won’t go this route. 


Q: What do you like better: going to school virtually, in-person, or hybrid?

A: I prefer in-person. I am a Science teacher, so I like to do labs. It is hard to do labs and hands-on activities if it is virtual. For example, this week I did a marshmallow lab to teach about Lewis structures.