Admin. halts food delivery during lunch time

Heading down to Door One to receive the Big Mac meal you ordered through Uber Eats? Sorry, you can’t have it until 2:55 p.m. That’s if it hasn’t been eaten yet.
Students’ apprehensiveness with eating school lunches have resulted in an increase of take-out deliveries to the school.
Students have been complaining of the unsatisfactory cafeteria food, but they don’t want to go through the lengths of packing lunch from home.
So what’s the solution? Easy answer: food delivery services.
With the overwhelming amount of Door Dashers ringing the front office, administration was bound to take action one way or another. To combat this issue, they created a new policy.
One can assume that the employees in the front office love the free food, but it’s understandable why it would become bothersome.
This new policy allows administrators to keep any delivered items in the front office until the end of the school day.
“We’re just trying to do our very best following school policy as it relates to food purchased outside of FCPS,” Principal Shawn DeRose said. “The only food that can be served and sold during lunch hours must come from FCPS food and nutrition. We can’t have outside vendors serving food during the school day. We also want to make sure we are keeping the building safe. Anytime we have delivery drivers and students ordering food, the students are going out and letting the drivers have access to the building which can be dangerous.”
To avoid school lunches, students have been ordering food from various delivery services including Uber Eats, Doordash, Grubhub and more.
“Students should be allowed to eat whichever foods they prefer during lunch because it is their time,” senior Omar Kamel said. “Teachers’ lunches wouldn’t be confiscated, so we deserve the same freedom and leisure.”
Although the Popeyes chicken sandwich and large coke seem like a better option than school lunch, it won’t be worth it when you have to wait until it’s soggy and cold to eat it.