Senior class prepares for Prom


Lauryn Mills

Senior class VP Caleb Yenneneh and executive board member Laiba Javed sell a Atom Nation White Out shirt to junior Connor Lape to raise money for Prom.

This year’s Prom date and location has finally been announced as we get closer and closer to the spring.
Prom will be held at the Torpedo Factory on May 20. Typically the annual dance is held on a Saturday, but this year’s date lands on a Friday.

The reasoning for the late Prom date was a result of booking the venue too late in the year.

“It was difficult trying to find a Prom venue that fit within our budget, but ultimately the decision was made by our sponsors, the director of activities and principal DeRose,” senior Lauryn Mills said. “The Prom theme this year is going to be Cloud 9, that was what was voted for in the Google Form.

The senior class has faced a lot of challenges this year due to not being able to fundraise for an entire year as a result of the pandemic.

Additionally, the return to school hasn’t been easy on them either. The school year returned at a full-force, and the seniors had a lot on their plates with the IB Diploma, college applications and sports.

To help fundraise for the dance, seniors have been selling Atom Nation White Out shirts, and they will also be running concessions for the Snowball Tournament.

“I think that overall our year has been, and will continue to be a good, but I do think that it is indisputable to acknowledge that the senior class was stripped of a lot of their traditions and activities,” Mills said.

Despite the adversities they’ve faced this year, they were able to pull through and initiate the senior year festivities that everyone has been awaiting.

“I already have my Prom dress picked out and I’m so excited for May to roll around,” senior Megan Brown said. “It kind of sucked that we couldn’t have a Prom on a yacht, but I understand that it wasn’t doable since we don’t really have any money for a $30,000 yacht.”

Nonetheless, the senior class is excited for the next few months as SCA continues to fundraise for Prom.