AHS appreciates teachers

Leadership and PTSA plan events for staff and faculty


The last few years have been particularly difficult for both students and teachers, and this year AHS is taking a bigger step in regard to making sure that teachers feel appreciated. This year, teacher appreciation week is from May 2 – May 6.

Next week, the PTSA will be hosting their Annual Teacher Appreciation Week Breakfast. The PTSA is looking for food donations and volunteers to help support the event.

Additionally, $5 gift card donations from any establishment are being accepted at the front office to donate to teachers. Gift card donations will be accepted up until this Friday, April 29.

“I feel like making sure that our teachers know they’re appreciated is super important to building a healthy school environment,” senior Sabrin Gabow said. “We underestimate just how stressful their jobs are, and this goes for all staff that work in the school environment.”

Since the pandemic, school staff have been dealt many adversities. Ranging from adjusting to the at-home teaching environment to readjusting to the one they had lost touch with when returning to in-person learning.

“Virtual school was hard enough for me, I can’t imagine what it was like for teachers,” senior Megan Brown said. “Even coming back to school was really hard, because everyone was so used to the virtual school schedule.”
Coming back was a major culture shock because nobody was really prepared for how hard it would be for both students and teachers. That’s why I think it’s important to acknowledge everything they went through these past two years.”
Last year, students submitted FlipGrid videos to thank teachers of their choice.

This year, AHS is incorporating a similar way to thank teachers. This year, students can submit a recorded message thanking and celebrating Annandale’s teachers and staff.

Leadership students have also been collaborating with the PTSA to help contribute to Teach Appreciation Week. Students have contributed by creating W4 lessons including why it’s important, and different ways to show your appreciation to your teachers.

Finally, Leadership students created posters and designed t-shirts as another way to celebrate the faculty and staff.