College rep visits return to AHS


A Virginia Tech admissions officer visits AHS.

As the college application process attempts to return to a state of normalcy for the class of 2023 admissions cycle, college visits have returned to AHS.

Throughout September and October, students have had the opportunity to meet with over 70 college admission representatives to discuss a variety of topics related to the specific school’s application and the features of the university.

Student life on campus, programs and majors offered at the school, admission rates, and  financial aid opportunities are all popular topics that have been discussed thoroughly during visits. Through this, students have gained a better understanding of what they are looking for in a college experience and if a specific college is right for them.

“I’ve been able to learn more about each school I was interested in. Rather than focusing on the big name and the school’s popularity I got to dig deeper into the school and its goals for their students,” senior Nicole Perez said. “Not only did I learn about the education, but I also got to learn about Greek life, student life, and life around the campus and the cities in which the schools are located.”

These visits are especially important for AHS students; as the admissions officer who visits AHS is the designated admissions officer for the Northern Virginia region. This gives students a direct opportunity to connect with the officer who will be reviewing their application.

College and career specialist Brian Yeagley coordinates all of the admissions visits, helping students connect with colleges and universities from across the country. 

“College admissions representative visits provide a unique opportunity for juniors and seniors to learn about colleges and universities from actual admissions counselors who will be reviewing their applications,” Yeagley said. “Students gain a better insight into the admissions process, what colleges are looking for in an applicant, as well as information about the college.”

With each visit taking approximately 30 minutes, students are given half of the time to listen to admissions officer speak on information related to the college, and the other half to ask specific questions about the university.

“After attending several college visit sessions, including UVA, Virginia Tech, and JMU, I learned that our area has so many good schools, ” senior Evan Burita said. “Originally, I was mainly focusing on out of state options, but the visits provided me with insight on why staying in state is just as beneficial for my academic career.”

To sign up for these visits, students can visit, log in using their FCPS account and register for up to five upcoming visits.

Following their registration, students will receive an email from their counselor regarding specific information on the visit. Upon receiving this email, students must go to Mr. Yeagley in room 103 a day prior to the visit in order to receive a pass.