FCPS School Board member uses discriminatory slur

FCPS has scrambled in recent days in response to a member of the Fairfax County School Board using a derogatory slur.
On Oct. 20, at-large board member Karen Keys-Gamarra used a brutal slur directed towards an individual with a mental disability.
A microphone captured Gamarra saying “We cannot let this r***** …”. This recording was discovered quickly, and posted online, spreading debate and criticism around member Gamarra and the Fairfax County School Board altogether.
The public response to the remark from member Gamarra has been strong, leaving a negative taint on the FCPS school board entirely.
“We apologize for the hurt and offense this incident has caused in our community. The School Board is committed to fostering a responsive, caring, and inclusive culture where all feel valued, supported, and hopeful. The School Board Governance Manual establishes expectations of school board members to act with respect to community members,” the Fairfax County School Board said in a press release issued on Oct. 21.
Gamarra also apologized for the situation and the response it sparked.
At AHS, we have a large program built around students with mental disabilities, making this comment even more offensive to the AHS community.
AHS has invested heavily into this program to build up those with mental disabilities, and it has been able to develop tremendous growth among these young individuals who are capable and hardworking.
This comment comes as an insult to the mentally disabled community at AHS, the mentally disabled community in general, and the entire FCPS community overall.
FCPS is the 11th largest school district in America, and it represents over 180,000 students, in addition to their families. A statement like this coming from the county’s school board is unacceptable, but hopefully spreads awareness and promotes growth throughout the community.FC