AHS Launches New Mentorship Program

A new mentorship program has arrived at AHS.
AHS has partnered with Columbia Elementary School for the 2022-23 school year to create an opportunity for students to connect and mentor a younger elementary student.
“There are several benefits to the mentor program. First, is building community within the Annandale pyramid between high school students and our future Atoms. Seeing our students share knowledge, wisdom, and advice to younger students is incredible,” director of student services Erik Healey said.
Healey has been an extreme proponent of the building of this foundation, in hopes that it will continue to grow into a larger effort.
The meetings will take place once a month, during W4 on activities day.
During these meetings, mentors will get a chance to learn more about what their mentee is interested in, including his interests in school, as well as his hobbies outside of school.
The mentees will also get a chance to learn from their mentors as well. Mentors will have the opportunity to offer advice and expose their mentee to so many different challenges and opportunities of which they will experience in middle and high school.
The location of the meeting will alternate between Columbia and AHS, and mentors will participate in a multitude of activities to help them better connect with their mentee. During the first meeting, mentors went to Columbia to introduce themselves and get acquainted with their new mentees.
It is no secret that the transition from elementary school to middle school, and the intention of this program is to better prepare these young men for a successful transition and future.
“Considering this is the first year of this collaboration, it’s difficult to say what the future holds. My hope is we can continue this partnership with schools in our pyramid, and expand the program to connect more students to high school mentors,” Healey said.