Preparing to say good-bye


Principal DeRose embraces 2022 graduate Adil Lodhi as he walks across the stage at graduation.

One day until senior breakfast, three weeks to senior Prom, six weeks from graduation.
As stressful and emotional as it may be, seniors are now preparing to embrace the final two months of high school.
“As crazy as it might sound, I’ve spent the last three-plus years counting down the days until I get to move on from high school and go be on my own at college, but the closer that day comes, I get sad thinking about leaving this place and the people that make it special,” Evan Burita said.
In an effort to celebrate seniors for their accomplishments throughout high school and to honor their future successes, AHS and the PTSA have worked extremely hard to prepare a final stretch that is sure to make a lasting impact on these seniors’ lives
Senior breakfast will be held during W4 and pride time on April 25, where seniors will get a chance to enjoy an array of food while receiving important information about end-of-the-year events including senior exams, senior activities, graduation, and All Night Grad.
“I’m excited for senior breakfast, I get to spend time with my friends one last time before the start of IB exams when we might not see each other as much in class or even outside of class as we prepare diligently for the upcoming exams,” senior Maya Mann said.
To make the reality of high school seniors moving on even more real, senior decision day will be held on May 5 in the senior courtyard. There will be a celebration with music and ice cream and the opportunity for students to take pictures with each other as they celebrate going to a university, community college, taking a gap year, joining the workforce, or joining the military.
Seniors attending college are required to have made their deposits by May 1 to ensure their enrollment spot for the 2023-24 academic year.
IB exams are currently set to begin this Friday, April 28 with the IB Business & Management HL and SL exams. The exams will then run everyday, often with multiple subjects testing on the same day, for three weeks until May 18.
Many students are set to take multiple exams across multiple subjects, and the pressure of the exams can weigh down the excitement of graduating.
“As an IB diploma student, I’m required to perform at a certain level during these exams or else I don’t receive the diploma I put so much work into receiving,” senior Marcelo Pozo said. “It can be challenging to balance social life with school, especially in a time like this, but I know what I need to do to perform at a high level.”
Following the conclusion of IB exams on May 18, seniors quickly turn the page to senior prom.
Prom is set to take place on May 20 from 8-11 p.m. at the Fairfax Marriott at Fair Oaks. Each ticket costs $50, and students are able to purchase two tickets for themselves and a guest or another student.
“I’m excited to get ready and spend the night with my friends. I’m a little sad about graduating because I won’t see my friends everyday next year,” senior Olivia Cruz said.
Senior exams will then be held from May 22-26. These exams can only help students grades, but they are still encouraged to show up and perform well. After the R1 exam on May 26, seniors will be released from their last day of school to gather in the Ossian parking lot to enjoy a light breakfast and sign yearbooks.
There are several organizational events set to take place across the final month as well, first seniors are required to take the senior survey to officially inform AHS of their future plans so that the school can help with sending transcripts.
Additionally, seniors have their annual awards ceremony on April 31 from 10-11 a.m. in an effort to honor seniors for their accomplishments and to celebrate seniors who have been chosen for community based scholarships.
Lastly, the 2023 class will graduate from AHS on June 5, at 9 a.m. on the football stadium.
Good-byes are bittersweet. No surprise, graduating from high school isn’t any different.
As seniors head into their final month, it is important to cherish the memories and moments, as little or insignificant as they may seem.