Girls soccer ties Herndon on Senior Night


On Friday, May 6, the girls varsity soccer team celebrated their Senior Night with a tie against Herndon High School by coming back from behind late in the second half, finishing the game 2-2.

Herndon scored early in the game, and by half-time the score was 0-2, with AHS down. However, when the Atoms came back onto the field they were re-energized and ready to continue playing. Herndon was not able to penetrate AHS’s defense and was unable to score again.

“The strongest part of our team is defense. We have been able to keep games against very good teams close,” said sophomore Annie Rutherford.

With five minutes left in the game, senior Nikki Clarke got the chance to score with a penalty kick, making the score 1-2. Clarke then came back and scored again with a corner kick, tying the game with only 30 seconds left.

Clarke is one of five seniors on the girls’ soccer team, which include Kellie Del Signore, Aby Diop, Stephanie Burns, and Amanda Fouche. Each was escorted by family members down the field while sporting homemade graduation caps and t-shirts to celebrate senior night.

“I think one way we can improve is by talking more on the field and starting the game out strong,” said freshman Stephanie Allshouse.

This is the team’s fourth tie of the season and leaves their record at five wins, five losses and four ties.

The season is far from over and the team is busy preparing for the game against West Springfield in the first round of the district tournament.

“We are working on technical parts of our game and areas in which we are weak and need improvement,” Rutherford said.

Many of the players are very optimistic about the tournament and have seen a lot of improvement throughout the season.

“We are trying harder and working together,” said Allshouse.

The first round of the district tournament will be held on Monday, May 17 and will be played at AHS.

“My personal goal for districts is to play hard and give it everything I have and leave everything on the field,” said Rutherford.