Redskins beat Steelers during the NFL Preseason

Brandon Banks breaks free on a 58 yard kickoff return.


The Washington Redskins opened their preseason with a victory against the Pittsburgh Steelers, 16-7. The Redskins showcased an effective offense with a defense that prevented several advances from the Steelers on August 12.

First quarter ended with tied score of zero between both teams despite the efficient appearance from Redskins quarterback, Rex Grossman, and goal attempt by Shayne Graham.

During the second quarter, Grossman continued to show good efforts by leading the Redskins to their first points of the preseason. The quarter ended with another tie of 7-7.

Backups were seen throughout the third quarter however, the Redskins’ offense continued to show efficiency with Kellen Clemens. Clemens led the team down the field on an 82-yard scoring drive. Graham Gano finished with a 32-yard field goal. The Redskins ended the third quarter with the lead of 10-7.

The final quarter was the shining moment for the Redskins as they racked up more field goals, while the Steelers remained at a score of 7. The Redskins’ final points of the night were made by Gano, with a 45-yard field goal.

The Redskins showed their potential in the NFL season with their eventful victory over the SteeNlers and successful offense and sturdy defense. The schedule for upcoming games can be found on the NFL website.