Tennis defeats Lake Braddock


Betsy Kruse

Junior Hannah Coulter returns the ball to her partner during a drill at practice.

The match against Lake Braddock was tied at 4-4 before senior Jenny Ha and junior Chloe Loving entered their doubles match with some added pressure. Ha and Loving found themselves winning the break point and the other points seemed to quickly follow allowing them to defeat the Bruins.

“I was confident going into my doubles match, however, so I think that paid off and got me my win,” Ha said. “I was really excited when we won.”

One of the Bruins players in the doubles match had hurt her ankle and a substitute had to be made.

“Even though we might not have played against their best player, it was still a really good match and we were able to come out with the win,” Ha said.

The Atoms beat Lake Braddock 5-4 despite the fact some of their players were not playing their normal matches, as some players were absence from practice during the previous week.

“We won because we put forth our best effort no matter what,” head tennis coach Hassan Mims said.

This win raises the Atoms’ district record to 2-4, with their other win coming from T.C. Williams. Tennis plays each team in the district twice in a single season and still have many opportunities to raise their district record.

As it is almost the halfway mark in the season the previous matches allow the Atoms to see what is working and what is not. It will also give them a chance to see what they need to work on individually and as a team.

“I am going to let the team customize their practices based on their needs,” Mims said. “I am letting them decide what they want to do so they feel more confident in their skills.”

In preparation for the team’s next match against South County, which took place last night, the team will take advantage of the new practice style.

“I am going to use this practice time to work on making my hits more confident,” junior Hannah Coulter said. “Also, I need to work on my aggressiveness and power in my shots to really have an advantage in my next match.”

“If we go for it, I think we will win,” Mims said. “Based on past matches, I think we got it.”

The Atoms will play at West Springfield HS April 11 at 4 p.m. and hopes to redeem the 2-7 loss from earlier in the season.