Softball continues to improve


Varsity softball warms up for a recent game.

The Atoms defeated T.C. Williams 19-6 in a thrilling Senior Night. Their victory was their first in the district, improving their record to 3-8 in the district. The Titans went up early in the game but the Atoms made a strong comeback that they held on until the end.

“We did not play to our full potential, but it was a nice win for the seniors,” junior and co-captain Jocelyn Hotter said.

The softball team consists of three seniors, Beatrice Ohene-Okae, Ann Marie Frankurt and Shalia Johnson. The fact that the team has significantly more underclassmen will be a key advantage for next year in building a strong foundation.

“This season has been a growing year,” head coach Jamie Harrison said. “The girls have worked extremely hard and have put in a lot practice time working on their skills. Each and every one of them has grown as a softball player and the improvement they have made is tremendous.”

There are many things that the softball team will look to improve for the rest of the season.

“We are going to prepare for districts with continued hard work and dedication at practice,” Harrison said. “We need to be focused and be confident that we can compete. [We will succeed at districts if we] practice hard and play hard,” Harrison said. “I think all the teams are competitive and no matter whom we face, first we need to take them serious and play competitive Annandale softball.”

The girls will need to focus on their strong points if they hope to succeed in the district tournament.

“We worked really well as a team top to bottom at our T.C. game,” assistant coach Cragin Winkler said. “I was really proud of them, especially when [junior] Carly Potts stepped up to pitch.”

“This year we are at a disadvantage in our district,” Frankfurt said. “But if we play to our full strength we have a chance,” Ann Marie-Frankfurt said.

“I think the girls come out with the fire, focus and drive that I, and the rest of the coaches know they have we will be successful,” Harrison said.