Pack the Pitt tonight

Pack the Pitt tonight

The embodiment of school spirit, Pack the Pit draws a roaring, cheering crowd yearly to watch and support the Grappling Atoms. This year’s pack the pit on Jan. 29 at 7:00 pm is not expected to disappoint.

“We are going to have the band. We are going to have the dance team. We are going to have anyone who wants to be a part of it. It is going to be a neat night,” head coach Keith Sholders said.

Pack the Pit is an event that goes back to 1990 when the Atoms versed Yorktown. Back then, there was packed house at the event, and the same is expected for this year.

“Pack the Pit is really about the school,” Sholders said. “It carries on the spirit of the school and brings the school together.”

There were many Pack the Pits against Fairfax, which is why they are bringing back the old tradition of playing the Rebels.

“They are a pretty tough team this year, which is no different from past years,” Sholders said.

Attendees can look forward an exciting night that will be kicked off by the Atoms’ JV Tigers taking on the Fairfax Rebels. They will be followed by the youth league Annandale Mat Rats vs. the Fairfax Police Club. Last to go will be the main event, the Grappling Atoms vs. the Fairfax Rebels. The first 175 people through the door will also receive a free t-shirt.

Pack the Pit is a sporting event that seems to draw out the school spirit in everyone. It has been since it began over twenty years ago. The wrestling team is hoping for a great crowd that night.

“Win or loss, we want everyone there. Hopefully we win, that makes it better, but we want everyone there cheering us on,” Sholders said.

Sholders’ prediction for the night is that the team will not fall to the Rebels too easily.

“The Grappling Atoms are going to come out victorious,” Sholders said. “And we are going to find a way to win.”

Come out and support the Grappling Atoms on Jan. 29. You wont regret it.