Victories remain elusive for Lady Atoms

The girls varsity basketball team may have gotten off to a rocky start only winning one game and losing 10, but they are looking to improve from here on out.
The team puts in a lot of effort every day with practicing six days a week for two hours at a time.
The Lady Atoms only win this year has been against Thomas Jefferson HS when they beat them, 40-38.
As of right now, they are on a nine-game losing streak after their recent 32-53 loss to Hayfield HS on Jan.14.
“So far, the team is doing pretty good, even though our record may not reflect it. But you can tell throughout the season in our games we are getting better,” freshman Mia Mendez said. “Every time the team gets together for practices, we continue to see a lot of improvement from everybody.”
Coach Fawn Tucker will continue to push the girls to their limits inside and outside of practice in order for them to improve their skills and technical ability. Hopefully this will turn their season around for the better.
“Our team played well at times and we struggled at times,” said Tucker. “To be a complete team, we must ensure that we minimize those times that we struggle by playing more aggressively on defense and keeping the intensity high.”
While they train they will practice working with each other to improve their teamwork skills so that they can play as a true team.
“In our game against Hayfield we drove to the basket and finished pretty well,” Mendez said. “I feel we kept good energy flowing and because of it we started to play better and more as a team.”
Although the girls have lost a lot of their games the girls never lost dedication to the game nor the excitement to get on the court every week and do their best.
With each game, they lose they get more determined to win the next one.
“We’re good at knowing our plays and executing them correctly,” freshman Amanda Salisbury said. “Although we do need to work on communicating more on defense.”
Some of these girls met just a couple weeks ago and have had to get used to all these new people and relationships while also having to do their best at practice and at games.
Creating and building relationships with one another have lead them to have better games compared to their games at the beginning of the season.
On Jan.21 the Lady Atoms will play Mount Vernon HS in their second conference game of the 2019/20 season.
This game is shaping up to be a good one as the Majors also have a losing record with only winning three games so far this season.
With only nine regular-season games left in the season before districts, the girls need to win their last few games to finish the season off strong.
The Atoms know they can do well if they’re able to turn it around.