Top five athletes to watch out for in 2020

Baseball, Danny Salisbury
Class of 2021: “Danny Salisbury has been the second-team all-region as a freshman and sophomore and as a junior, we’re looking for him to kind of breakthrough and be a first-team all-region type player.” – Christopher Bagot

Football, Andrew Pang
Class of 2021: “if I had to choose one person, I could pick Andrew Pang if he can learn to block better.”
– Mike Scott

Wrestling, Patrick Lee
Class of 2020: “He’s a great faceoff guy and is one of our best ground balls and he’ll be scoring goals and providing assists throughout the season.” – William Maglisceu

Basketball, Mahmoud Bangura
Class of 2021 “Mahmoud Bangura will perform the best in 2020 because he has learned the speed and physicality of the varsity game.”
– Deitrich Gilreath

Girls Basketball, Jane Elkins
Class of 2022: “Jane Elkins is a highly motivated and talented player that offers both defensive and offensive abilities that can help any team excel when she applies her abilities in the correct manner.”
-Fawn Tucker