Swim starts 2022 season


Senior Nathan Tran dives into the 2022 season.

The start of the Atoms Swim and Dive season is on Friday, Dec. 2, against Fall Church High School..
The AHS boys team had a great season last year holding onto 3rd place in District, whereas the girls started a little slow last year. They finished in 5th place, and are looking forward to coming top 3 this season.
“Last year was our most successful season in 8 years, so we’ll be continuing that momentum,” head Coach Carmen Lucas said. “This year we are aiming to take 2nd for the boys and hopefully 3rd for the girls.”
“We’re going to do what we do every year – work hard, hold each other accountable, and be the most supportive team in the district. It’s been working for us,” Lucas said.
“The AHS Swim team has grown this year for the better. “Our team grew by almost 30% this year, and more kids in the water mean more points at meets. I think this will be a great season of growth for our team both in size and skill. Coach O’Neill and I have been assessing and already have some goals laid out for the season,” Lucas said.
The team lost a few contributors last season, including Connor Lilli, Ashely Holcomb, Evan Silas, and Liza Chichester.
Despite this, the team will turn to its younger swimmers who are looking to take on a larger role in the 2022-23 season.
“To be a part of this team is very exciting, and I’ve always wanted to be a part of it. This year I saw the opportunity to sign up and it was one of the best decisions I made because AHS is a loving community. This year is going to be fun as I will swim with other students who also have the same passion as me for swimming,” junior Andre Rahman said.
The team also has a brand new set of captain’s, including seniors Olivia Cruz and Emma Findler, as well as juniors Morgan Milman and Colin McGee.
“I’m excited to be a captain this year due to the seniors I looked up to when I started swimming for this team. I’m honored and excited to be given this opportunity as a junior. I hope to make the best out of it as we are on the up rise with our new team,” McGee said.
The AHS Swim team is ready to go abroad thanks to its new, skilled roster and the several skills they are acquiring.
This year, Atoms Swim hopes to win the district title.