Students prep for upcoming school year

As the 2015-2016 school year comes to a close, students begin to reflect on this past year as well as prepare for next year.

For younger students, like sophomore Tyler Westfall, this year was a productive one.

“I felt like I had a good transition from freshman year to sophomore year which is a harder year,” Westfall said. “I felt like I managed my time well.”

In cases of more veteran students, like juniors Iris Arrazola and Fatmata Kamara, this year served as a huge learning experience.

“Finding my place in school and realizing my real friends were definitely some important things I learned this past school year,” Arrazola said. “I also realized how important studying longer for tests and quizzes are.”

For Kamara, her main focus was strictly academics which she reflected on.

“My time management, working under pressure, and I guess not enough sleep were my main concerns this year,”” Kamara said. “I’m hoping to start college applications this summer and not wait till the last minute so my senior year can run smoothly.”

As the classroom curriculum increases in difficulty each year, more students are planning to go the extra mile in order to achieve maximum results.

“My goal next year is to have better time management,” Westfall said. “I plan on being more organized so that I can finish homework at a decent time and go to bed earlier.”

Some students, like sophomore Cece Joseph, were not challenged too much this past year.

“I feel as if my grades were really good this year and the classes flowed easily,” Joseph said. “It was pretty easy to get used to.”

Joseph also focused on athletic reflections in addition to academic.

“Unfortunately though, I feel as if sports could’ve been much more interesting and stress relieving,” Joseph said.p

Rising juniors similarly hold high academic expectations for themselves for next school year.

“My goals for next year are to transition smoothly to IB and maintain good grades while working on improving my GPA as well as to take my SAT once and for all,” Joseph said. “Next year I plan on approaching sports differently because I’m going to have to set priorities and try to do sports that please me and help relieve my stress.”

The last day of school for freshmen, sophomores, and juniors is June 23. Seniors will graduate and say goodbye to AHS on June 20.