Is virtual learning easier than being in school? – Yes

It has been over a month since the school year officially started and both students and teachers have gotten a
good understanding of what virtual learning is like. Even though many teachers are finding certain aspects hard, there are still some positive outcomes from teaching online.

Working virtually has forced us all to use applications and websites to help better our understanding of the material we learn in class. This has led to enhancing our knowledge of different types of programs.

“We’re able to find creative ways to do things and learn about new platforms and features. We’ll all be much more computer-literate for this,” English teacher Julia Hanneman said.

Certain students also feel less pressure with their schoolwork. They find it easier to learn and study from home. The expectations for them have been more relaxed due to online learning.

“It’s been easier because I can learn where I’m comfortable, as well as wherever I am,” junior Liliana Inkpen said. “My family took a road trip, and I was able to be in class while on the road, which was convenient.”

Teachers have noticed the positive outcomes over the past month. “For my classes, the attendance has been great, and my kids are completing their work,” Hanneman said. Students are also grateful for the simple pace of classes and work.

“One-way virtual learning is easier is that I get to work at my own pace,” junior Sefat Fatema said. “No one has to wait for me to finish my work, and I don’t have to wait for others.”

It is obvious virtual learning has its pros and cons, but the matter of the fact is students and staff need to stay safe.

“The stress and paranoia of constantly fearing exposure to something that is unseen would weigh heavily on us,” Hanneman said.“We cannot pretend that school in the building would be back to normal. It won’t be for quite some time.”