Senioritis spikes as the third quarter wraps up

After almost four years in high school, seniors are ready to move on to the next chapters of their lives


Senior Connor Lilli is counting down the days until his last day of high school and graduation, which will be held on the football field June 1.

The end of the year is in sight, and this means for many seniors senioritis is hitting an all-time high. Senioritis is when seniors burnout and struggle to stay motivated and productive with their school work.

“It’s been very difficult to stay as motivated as I have been previously,” senior Joscelyn Ventura said. “Especially as college acceptances come in, there’s less motivation for me to continue putting in as much effort and work as I have been. Mid-year grades have already been sent so it doesn’t really matter unless I completely fall off.”

Missing assignments have been piling up for many seniors, and it is becoming more and more challenging for them to make them up.

“Making up missing assignments is hard because it is hard for me to find motivation,” senior Connor Lilli said. “It’s difficult to schedule a time for me to make it work.”

Along with regular assignments for their classes, seniors in IB classes have had to complete Internal Assessments (IA’s).

“Completing IA’s is a lot on top of actual school work and I’ve been struggling a lot because there’s so much to do,” Ventura said. “My current workload is already a lot, so once I submit the IA’s, it will be nice that I don’t have to worry about them anymore.”

To be able to get through the rest of the year, seniors are making attempts to bolster their motivation.

“I am trying my best to stay motivated,” Ventura said. “Writing lists and having everything set out makes it as easy as possible to check off different assignments as I complete them.”

Another way they are making through the year is finding events to look forward to and enjoy. In honor of the annual tradition, seniors planned Senior Skip Day, a non-school-sponsored event, on March 7.

“Senior Skip Day is important for seniors because as a senior in order to prevent getting burnt out, you need things like that to take the edge off,” Ventura said. “Not only that, but it gives the underclassmen something to look forward to.”

The students who did choose to skip out on the tradition and attend school went to mostly empty classes and some lesson plans were canceled.

“It was really funny to be there and have teachers just give up on teaching anything that day,” senior Amanda Weaver said.

With only 35 days of school left for seniors, they are trying their best to end the year strong, and look forward to senior traditions like Prom, Graduation, and All-Night-Grad.