Paper vs. Online Assignments

Through the past years, the amount of packet usage has decreased whilst the amount of work given to students through computers has increased. The majority of assignments that students are receiving now are online rather than them being on a piece of paper.

“I prefer paper assignments over online assignments because I like writing on paper rather than typing on a computer and I typically find them more fulfilling to complete,” freshman Linh Tran said. “However, online assignments do solve a lot of my organization issues. I can easily find assignments without the risk of them being lost in my bag. It’s also really convenient to be able to access your work in just a few clicks.”

Some students comprehend material better when they read it on paper compared to when it is being shown to them through a screen. Also, simply writing something down on a piece of paper helps you remember what you learned better. 

“It’s harder for me to lose my assignments when they all are online, which I like,” junior Tsion Teklebirhan said. “It is also better for me to have all my work in one place instead of having a bunch of papers everywhere in my bag. I also like how I can turn in my work without having to hand it in, which makes it easier for me to complete my assignments on time.”

With online assignments, students can have their work with them wherever they go and they can turn in their assignments to their teachers without having to physically be at the school, something that students are incapable of doing when assignments are given to them physically. 

“I prefer my assignments to be given to me on paper rather than having it online because I feel like I can learn better and more when it is on paper,” freshman Yasmeen Chawki said. “It is also easier for me to focus when my work is on paper because there are fewer distractions compared to when it’s online and there are things such as other tabs open on my computer.”

Some students may prefer having their assignments given to them in a physical form, but others may like having them online. Each way has its advantages and disadvantages but it ultimately has to do with the specific students’ preferred way to learn.