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The Online Edition of the Annandale High School Newspaper.

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The Online Edition of the Annandale High School Newspaper.

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Teachers are stressed at the end of the quarters

No matter if it’s the first, second, third, or fourth quarter,  The end of the quarter can be stressful for  both students and teachers. 


Some students place a lot of importance on their grades, and the approaching dates of grading cause a lot of commotion. “The end of the quarter is very stressful. There’s always so much to do. I never have a free moment,” said Biology teacher Stefanie Kline. “All of my time is really spent on trying to help improve students’ grades before report cards are sent out.”


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Ensuring that all assignments are turned in is key, and always trying your best is crucial. Avoid leaving all your work to the last minute, as it never ends well; time is crucial.


In some cases, students don’t have the luxury of knowing their final grade ahead of time. This might be caused by turning in assignments late or teachers not having enough time to grade all their classes.


“I think reminding students with enough time about the upcoming dates is essential because then it’s less stressful for them and for us,” said Spanish teacher Rebecca Mooney. “Students may be rushing to turn in everything, and then we get bombarded with assignments.”


The only thing stressing teachers out isn’t just grading but also having to balance their grading, meetings, and outside life, like their family. According to a Rand Corporation survey in 2022, “Nearly three-fourths of teachers and 85 percent of principals are experiencing frequent job-related stress.”


Teachers are often faced with other tasks we overlook, like students misbehavior, having more work due to staff shortages, and dealing with their mental health. This affects them, their work environment, and headspace.


Teachers have to make at least 100 different questions a day, making them burn out by the time the day is finished.


The number of students a teacher might have also impacts the time taken to grade assignments.


 “I try to grade everything as students turn it in as best as I can, also having a lot fewer students than a normal gen ed teacher. But I still have kids who do not turn in their work no matter what,” said World History teacher Emily Harrol. “When it comes down to the wire, I set a date for all my kids to turn in a grade. I give them extra time the week before the quarter ends.”


Some teachers allow their students time in class to complete what they have to do, ensuring they are given enough time to accomplish their work because they  understand that students have multiple classes to handle.


Teachers may be  stressed just like students, so it is important for everyone to cooperate and be understanding to accomplish and reach our goals.


 As students and teachers, we must always remember that we are all dealing with things outside of school. Trying to work together and finding a balance to manage life is very important.

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