Six tips to relieve stress

Stress and anxiety are very common for people to experience. During high school, students face many obstacles that cause them to feel pressured, and sometimes they need an outlet to deal with these feelings. Here are some tips to help you feel more at ease and practice healthy coping mechanisms. 



 Meditation and yoga are easy and simple ways to give yourself a moment to think, clear your mind, and just focus on your breathing. They are done on your own terms, so you are in control of the situation. These sessions are also private, which means it gives you a safe space to collect your thoughts and process any negative feelings. Try starting your day off with a few minutes of meditation and note if there’s a positive difference. Another time to practice this could be right before you go to bed, so you can enjoy going to sleep with a clear mind. 


2 TAKE A WALK Not only does taking a walk help keep you active, but it can also distract you from what is going on around you. Putting yourself in a different environment can prevent you from getting stuck in a mindset that revolves around one task, such as a school project. Take the time to appreciate everything around you, including the sun, the weather, and even nature. Some people might not have the time to exercise frequently, so taking a walk could be a good alternative. It is fairly easy and does not require much time out of your day, so take advantage of the small breaks you have during the day and just go outside, even for a moment. 



Writing in a journal is an everyday activity for many people that can be very effective. It is a more positive approach to releasing your emotions and a great alternative if talking with someone else is not an option. In a way, it is sort of like having a conversation with yourself and it can be easier to make sense of your emotions once they are out in the open. People can become overwhelmed with everything going on in their minds and often need a place to express their thoughts. Some find it difficult to open up to others, so keeping a journal allows you to be in touch with your emotions and aware of your feelings. 



Family and friends can be an important part of overcoming difficulties in life. It is really easy to get so caught up in assignments or work in general, that we can forget about the things that matter the most in this life. Sometimes, our friends and family can be the ones to remind us of this and help keep you grounded. Simple things like going out with family and friends and doing something fun can give you both a break and an opportunity to come to terms with however you may be feeling. Family and friends are there to celebrate the good things in life and support you when you may be going through a rough time. Being around those you love most also gives you a sense of community and makes you feel like you belong.



If you are feeling upset or overwhelmed, spare some time to listen to relaxing music. Similar to meditation or yoga, calming music can have a positive effect on the brain and gives you a peace of mind. Upbeat music, for example, might motivate you to get work done and improve your mood. Along with that, music can block out any background noise when trying to focus on an assignment, but it also makes you feel less lonely when you are working. A good time to listen to music is while working out because not only does it boost your mood, but you are also taking care of yourself at the same time. Listening to music is a great way to release any tension or negative feelings, especially when you feel you can personally connect with the song. The lyrics of songs often relay messages, and people who are listening to the song can take advantage of the meaning behind it.



Try to remember that this life is precious and worth more than you think. It can be easy to forget that, so get up every morning and count your blessings. In the midst of all your stress, there are always things to be grateful for. The simplest things that you do not think about much can be taken away in an instant, so it is important to be thankful. Practicing mindfulness reminds you to stay in the present rather than obsessing over the past or events that have not even happened yet. Although it may be easier said than done, avoid unnecessary stressing about things out of your control. Incorporating the practice of mindfulness improves both your physical and mental health. This includes things like accepting things out of your control and the five senses exercise. Bring yourself to a state of self-awareness so you can just focus your attention on examining your thoughts and feelings without any judgment.