Students reveal their New Year’s resolutions

Jamileh Hamadeh, Staff Writer

Many students at AHS make New Year’s resolutions in order to accomplish new goals in the upcoming year. The making of New Year’s resolutions has been a longtime tradition, in which people create individual goals for themselves to improve their knowledge and experience positive change in some shape or form. New Year’s resolutions can vary from getting into shape, achieving better grades in school, saving money or finding a job that pays more money.

A majority of students’ goals for the new year are to attain a healthier and more athletic lifestyle.

“My New Year’s resolution for this year is to get to 160 pounds and at least 10 percent body fat,” freshman Thomas Figley said. “I would like to become a lot more fit because I don’t want any physical limits.”

Similar to Figley, freshman Laila Lopez has also formed her resolution around her sports and athletic lifestyle. Lopez said her New Year’s resolution is to become faster. Lopez, being a Varsity Track & Field runner chose this to be her resolution because she would like to receive better and shorter times at future track meets.

Coming out of break, many students have been forced to confront their grades they left behind during their holiday vacations. Freshman Taylor Lee chose a resolution that many students will be making this new year.

“My New Year’s resolution is to get better grades because I am failing a class at the moment and I can do way better,”Lee said.

This is a widely shared New Year’s resolution many have made because nobody wants to fail classes.

Instead of making an academic resolution, sophomore Amy Chavez went a different route and made her New Year’s resolution personal.

“My 2018 New Year’s resolution is to work and focus on myself and become a better version of me by the end of the year rather than worrying about others because self-love is the best type of love and the only person that can make myself better is myself,” Chavez said.

Self help and mental health are very important for the new year. Resolutions to better your self love can be seen as just as important as athletic and academic resolutions.

Make sure you make your own New Year’s resolutions that you can reach by the end of this year. They can vary anywhere from your fitness to your school life.