Humans of Annandale: Camily Salvador Rodriguez


Camily Salvador Rodriguez

My freshman year at Annandale, I joined the volleyball team. I have been playing for a total of 6 years now, including the two at school. I’ve also played travel at Mclean Volleyball Club and have coached as well as ref for elementary school kids.

If you can’t tell, volleyball is a huge part of my life. It’s how I’ve built a ton of friendships throughout the years and it’s one of my favorite things in the world. You meet so many people traveling and going to games, and it’s such a valuable way to make new connections. 

I’ve come to find out that the volleyball community, though pretty big, is such a tight knit group. You can go to a tournament and see parents, teams and players you met years ago but still remember. Everyone is always so friendly and being around other volleyball people is always such a good time.

This year, I am a member of the National English Honor Society and National Spanish Honor Society. I am also a tutor for the Atoms Writing Center at Annandale, which I just joined this year. I take a full IB curriculum and am pursuing the IB Diploma.

In my free time, I’m usually hanging out with my friends or working out.

After high school I plan on going to college and hope to study law or business. I love a good debate, so I think being a lawyer and having the ability to help others while doing something I enjoy would be perfect for me

I’m really excited for my future. I have great friends by my side and I know that if I put my heart into it, the sky’s the limit for me.