Student opens up online Etsy shop to sell crochet crafts


Yellow crochet bees are one of the products that Hannan plans on selling. “For my first launch, I plan on making three to four different colors,” Hannan said.

Junior Ishat Hannan, with a lot of free time due to the pandemic, picked up crocheting last July as a hobby and a way to pass the long days filled with sitting around and staying home. Over the past seven months, she had crocheted a wide variety of things ranging from oversize cardigans to tiny hats for some of her friend’s pets.
During quarantine, Hannan would often make crocheted items for herself and her friends, but she realized that she could actually make a profitable business out of it, and so she did.
“I decided to open an Etsy shop because I wanted to have to have something to do to pass time,” Hannan said, “as well as be able to share my creations with others”.
Etsy, a popular online marketplace created back in 2005, focuses on the sale of handmade goods.
The range of products on the website is practically endless, ranging from jewelry to home décor pieces, to personalized anniversary gifts and much more.
The website has become popular over time for those looking to start their shop to sell their products, or for those looking for specialized more original products.The site serves as a third party that provides an easy way for creators and consumers to interact and sell products safely.
“Etsy is pretty cool since you can discover small brands and help support small businesses,” junior Isra Kertgate said.
Kergate, upon hearing news of Hannan opening an Etsy shop, was proud of her friend, and ready to do whatever she needed to support her.
“I’m so happy that she has found a new hobby, and I’m sure her products will sell great on Etsy,” Kertgate said “It seems easy to use and people usually go to Etsy to buy handmade stuff which is perfect for her.”
Anyone over 13 can make an account on Etsy and start their business from there, selling their products, which is what Hannan plans to do.
“I plan on making and selling crocheted goods such as plushies and blankets,” Hannan said.
A major appeal of Etsy shops, and one that drew Hannan in, is the astounding difference between mass-manufactured products and the handmade, original, and better quality that Etsy products provide.
“It’s nice knowing that the products I buy from Etsy are handmade by real people instead of in a factory by machines,” junior Cassandra Quach said.
“It adds a personal touch that makes the products better even if sometimes it’s a bit pricier.”
Hannan plans to open her Etsy shop, called Handmade By Ishat, sometime in early to mid-April. Once she establishes her business, she has plans to expand her range of products as her business grows.
Over the years, there has been an increasing number of teenagers who have started their own businesses, like Hannan.
“I think it’s a great idea for teens to get into business and start making their own money,” Hannan said.
Aside from making money, teens who start their own businesses can also obtain and learn new skills that they can use in the future.
“Starting a business helps teens become more independent and learn more about marketing and running a business,” Hannan said.
A huge perk of having a business is the money you make. With the earnings that Hannan makes from her Etsy shop, she plans to use some of it to improve her local community by donating money as well as buy supplies to keep her business going.
“For a while, I’ve always wanted to use the money that I earn for good purposes,” Hannan said, “So I plan on regularly donating a portion of my proceeds to charities and local organizations”.
Looking towards the future, Hannan is very excited to continue to pursue her newly found business venture and hopes she’s able to bring smiles to all of her customer’s faces by sharing her passion for crocheting with others.