Honey Pig Restaurant

After attending Annandale for four years and hearing all of the wonderful things fellow students had to say about Korean Barbeque, we decided to try it out. Many fellow classmates recommended Honey Pig Gooldaegee Korean Grill, so we decided to check it out.

With very little Korean cooking in our backgrounds, this experience was completely new to us. Overcome with excitement to see what all of the buzz on Korean BBQ was about, we headed out to eat. Our first impression of the restaurant was somewhat overwhelming, with extremely loud playing pop music blaring over the speakers that was virtually impossible to ignore. Nonetheless, when we made it past the entrance hall into the actual restaurant. It wasn’t until we were seated that we noticed the interesting décor. All the walls were covered in a faux crimped metal wall covering, which gave the place an urban and young street vibe. Another noticeable feature was the giant picture displays of their menu options, with subtitles in both English and Korean.

Our waiter promptly arrived and brought complimentary bowls of salad with a special dressing. Next came small samplings of traditional, cold Korean dishes, including kimchi and seaweed. When it finally came time to order, the pictures on the wall really came in handy. One interesting thing we could not help but notice is how every item on the menu is on sale. Most items are $12.99, but have a crossed out price of $17.99.  The sales could be advertised to convince people that they have better deals than they actually do, but we can now conform that they have spectacular prices for the amount of food served.

After careful deliberation, and a few recommendations from our patient waitress, we finally decided on the Bulgogi Beef with cabbage and Spicy Hot Chicken. To our surprise, the waiter brought out a circular frying pan and began to cook both of our meals at the same time, directly in front of us. Hearing the sizzle and the steam that left the scorching hot pan truly heightened our dining experience. Once both dishes were cooked, our waitress plated a small portion of both dishes for each of us, giving us the opportunity to try both.

If you are a traditional macaroni and cheese, chicken tenders fair kind of person, Honey Pig might be a little too adventurous for you. However, if you are willing to sample different kinds of meat with a variety of sweet and savory sauces, we would definitely recommend this restaurant. Overall the food was delicious and we are very thankful to the friendly staff at Honey Pig that helped us navigate the menu.