Indochen promises good eats


Abdul Siddique

The samosas and rolls were tasty yet affordable.

Indochen serves, you guessed it, Indian-Chinese cuisine. Inside the restaurant, they designed a relaxing, calm place with little to no noise. The restaurant also includes a top notch bar.

Once you enter the restaurant, there is always a waiter ready to serve you. They serve halal items like the tandoori chicken, fish mandarin, butter chicken, chicken spring rolls, samosa and, for dessert, malai cake. I got the chicken spring rolls, samosas and the malai cake. Overall, the meal that I ordered was extravagant.

This restaurant is so unique, considering its mix of Chinese and Indian food. The chicken spring rolls were packed with little pieces of chicken, which makes every bite delicious. The samosas were spicy and flavorful, while the malai cake was sweet. The malai cake’s texture was a little dry, but they gave me syrup to put on it which made the dessert much better.

The service was great mostly because I never had to get out of my seat to get a waiter’s attention. I got my food in under 10 minutes, which is impressive considering the quantity I ordered. The price for four chicken spring rolls, two samosas, and one small malai cake is $20.

This restaurant is affordable, clean and environmentally friendly. Indochen is a place where anyone can go. You can go here with your friends and family considering this place is very kid friendly. Although this place is affordable, I would recommend that you dress well.

You can order by phone and expect it to be done in less than 12 minutes. I am aware that COVID-19 can play a big role on whether or not you would like to go to restaurants. All waiters wear masks and gloves and they sanitize after every customer who dines in, which is still an option.

Overall, Indochen is definitely worth going to. I would give them a 5 out of 5 based on service, COVID-19 response, the food, and their carry out and dine in options. They are located at 4906 Brenman Park Dr, Alexandria, VA. They are open from noon to 9 p.m. on Tuesdays through Sundays and are fully closed on Mondays. I highly recommend that you give it a try.