Roll Play Grill delivers in flavor, authenticity and convenience


Bringing authentic Vietnamese flavors with simplicity and convenience to every customer is what Roll Play Grill is all about. The restaurant allows customers to customize a selection of different Vietnamese dishes to their personal liking.
Roll Play is perfect for dining with your friends and family because of their wide variety of options. The food is prepared quickly which makes it a perfect place for carryout.
When you order, you can do it on a touch screen that allows you to see pictures of all of the food and toppings. This is a great feature for anyone who likes to see visuals of food when they order or for anyone who takes more time to decide what they want and doesn’t want to feel rushed.
Customers start their order by selecting a base dish. They can choose from something quick, like spring rolls or a hot, steaming bowl of pho that you can sit down and eat.
No matter what you choose, all the dishes are authentic foods that you would find on the streets of Vietnam.
After picking their base dish, customers get to select different proteins, veggies, garnishes and sauces for their dish.
The restaurant also offers a selection of drinks that are popular in Vietnam, like Vietnamese iced coffee or limeade. They also have fresh coconut juice that is served in a coconut for you to drink.
When visiting Roll Play, I ordered the beef pho. I enjoyed having the option to exclude certain toppings that I disliked from my dish and add anything extra that I wanted.
The personal customization of their dishes makes Roll Play a perfect place for anyone with diet specifications or anyone who is selective about what they eat.
The restaurant has delicious food and fantastic service, but the size and exterior design needs work. Parking space is very limited and the inside of Roll Play is very small. It may be difficult to find a place to park outside and a seat in the restaurant for dining, especially if you visit during crowded times, like lunch or dinner hours.
The pricing is also a little high, specifically for the pho considering how much you get. For other dishes, like the noodle bowl, the price seems reasonable.
Other than the limited parking space and the slightly high prices of some dishes, I would definitely recommend this restaurant.
The authentic taste of the food and the fun experience made it worth it. Roll Play is located just down the road from Tysons Corner Mall, which makes it a convenient place to stop by whenever you’re shopping at Tysons or in the area.