New Metrorail stop coming to Tysons Corner


The Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project is creating a new Metrorail line to open and provide rail services to Tysons Corner and other areas, by the end of 2013.

This new Silver Line consists of 23 miles and 11 stations, extending to Tysons Corner, and the Reston Herndon area. It will include four stations in Tysons Corner-Tysons east, Tysons Central 123, Tysons Central 7 and Tysons West. The Tysons Central 123 will be the closest stop to get off of in order to get to Tysons Corner Mall.

This is a big improvement in the public transportation of Tysons and it has made many students excited about taking the Metro to the various parts of Tysons.

“I am really happy that there is going to be a Metro station leading to Tysons Corner,” junior Jennifer Nguyen said. “I love going to the mall and I want to save my gas money, plus it’ll hopefully cut down on the traffic in the parking lots and getting into Tysons.”