’21 and Over’ will satisfy a teenage audience



Miles Teller, Justin Chon, Skylar Astin and Sarah Wright star in ’21 and Over’ as college students whose night turns upside down quickly.

Friends celebrating a 21st birthday with a crazy night out. The plot of “21 and Over” seems all too cliche and reminiscent of “The Hangover.” Yet directors Jon Lucas and Scott Moore manage to take the storyline of trying to get a friend home for a medical school interview and turn it into a fit of laughter and squeals of disgust from the audience.

Miles Teller (Project X) and Skylar Astin (Pitch Perfect) star as Miller and Casey, two childhood friends that visit their high school friend, Jeff Chang, for his 21st birthday. Chang, played by Justin Chon, has an important medical school interview in the morning, but agrees to go out for “just one beer.” One drink turns into a night of chaos as Miller and Casey try to get the intoxicated Chang home for his interview. Along the way, they encounter a raging buffalo, angry sorority girls and secrets about Chang that make them realize how out of touch they have been with each other. Just like in “The Hangover,” Casey and Miller must make it through several obstacles (many of which happen to involve alcohol) to get their friend home in time for his interview.

Although the plot is all too typical of movies about teenagers partying, the humor of the movie is its lifeline. Whether it’s racist jokes, jokes about horny teenage boys or sight gags, the audience is bound to find several laughs at some point during the film. In addition, there is a more serious message about finding one’s place and friendships that can last through almost anything.

Fans of “The Hangover” and anyone looking for a good laugh should check out “21 and Over.” It may not have any actors deserving of an award or a plot filled with heartwarming morals, but the hilarious tales of an overindulgent night will satisfy an audience.