Infinity War stuns students

Marvel’s latest movie smashes the box office and minds

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Infinity War stuns students

Idris Dahir, Special to the A-Blast

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Eighteen Marvel superhero movies and two Avenger films have lead up to this point. Infinity War intersects story lines and major characters from every Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) until now. The MCU is something that can’t be ignored by any movie fan as they have some of the most popular movies of all time.

This doesn’t change with Infinity War, it is the highest grossing superhero movie of all time, reeling in $1.6 billion to date in the box office. The hype for this movie was unreal as moviegoers have watched superheroes struggle and prevail for the past 10 years to arrive at this point. The question is, does the movie live up to the hype?

With fans already knowing all the characters and the villains of this movie, Thanos, the movie wastes no time on exposition. In the first few minutes of the movie Thor, Hulk and Loki, some of the strongest characters in the universe, are all beaten to a bloody pulp.

Thor is a dynamic character in this film as we see him crushed and sad at the very start of the film to being one the most dominant heroes to face Thanos in the end of the movie. Thor has to struggle in acts one and two of the film because he had his hammer crushed by his sister, Angela, in his last movie, Thor Ragnorak.

We also see the Hulk struggle with an internal conflict, as Steve Banner wrestles with himself in order to bring him out.
It’s hard for things to go down from here as the movie picks up the action and intensity in every passing minute. Thanos, from an alien race of Titans is trying to collect the six Infinity Stones, which hold together the fabric of the universe. Each has control over an aspect of the universe and with each one he receives, he becomes more unstoppable. There is the Soul, Power, Mind, Time, Reality and Space stones.

However, our heroes can’t let this happen as they travel across the universe trying different methods to prevent Thanos from reaching invincibility.

The Avengers are joined by the Guardians of the Galaxy, Black Panther and Wakanda, Spiderman, Dr. Strange and more.
With so many characters, it’s hard to keep a steady balance and make every character feel important but Marvel does an incredible job. Although some characters were over utilized like- Iron Man and Thor and others seen less like Black Panther and Groot everyone had a memorable part to play.

The best part of this movie is definitely the action, and how could it not be? With so much variety in super-powered individuals, it’s hard to know where to look.

From Iron-Man’s sleek gadgetry to Dr. Strange’s eternally cool mystical arts there is something for everyone: even people who like machine-gun talking raccoons.

The fight scenes are beautifully choreographed and visually amazing. There is a lot to keep you satisfied.

The comedy is also top-notch as there were plenty of hilarious moments to choose from. They were placed perfectly and felt natural in the midst of all the world-ending drama around them. Drax and Spider man were both notable in their comedic lines.

Infinity War definitely lives up the hype and is the greatest superhero movie ever. It had a perfect blend of character interactions, action and excitement.

The conclusion to the movie is probably the craziest part of the whole movie and definitely had me and my friends talking for days after seeing it.

Overall, this movie is a must-see whether you love Marvel or not, you will definitely be amazed by all the acting preformances, the storyline, and action sequences.