Teens: Get a job


Junior Emily Shawish works at the National Aquarium in Baltimore. Shawish works on Sundays every other week. “I really like working at the aquarium,” Shawish said, “It is a lot of fun working with the animals and talking with people.”

When most teens think of summer, the beach or their bed comes to mind. Though for some, students working is the ideal pastime for summer.
A majority of students have summer jobs including senior Amber Untch who works at the St. James sports, wellness, and entertainment center.
Untch has been working at St. James for nine months. She was recommended for the job by a friend.
“This is my first job and I love it,” Untch said, “The interview was pretty easy for the most part. They asked me about my availability and hours. They also asked how I could help their company.”
Untch gets paid $10 an hour and receives a free membership to Saint James.
There are many businesses in the Annandale area that are hiring including, Dairy Queen, Swiss Bakery and Lake Accotink.
Though the most common job during the summer is working at pools. Jobs at public pools are very easy to get for teens and the pay is modest.
Most pools will pay minimum wage to teen employees which is $7.25. The public pools around AHS are the North Springfield Swim Club, the Springfield Swimming Club, the Annandale Swim and Tennis Club, and the Canterbury Woods Swim and Tennis Club.
Summer jobs and year-long jobs are important for teens because it teaches them hard work and the value of a dollar. However, the number of teens who work has been decreasing in recent years.
According to the United States Department of Labor, the percentage of teens in the workforce in 2009 was 37.5 percent, but in 2015 the percentage of teens was only 34.3 percent.
There is an explanation for this. The United States Department of Education reports an increase in summer school attendance around high school aged children.
It is important for teenagers to get an education, but college tuition is increasing. Many teens get jobs to help pay for their college education.
Another common job around teens is yard work or babysitting. The amount of money you get depends on the employer. Junior Izzy Steiner babysits and does yard work for her immediate neighbors.
“I have been babysitting for about eight months, and I have been doing yard work for a couple of years now,” Steiner said.
Steiner earns $25 for two hours of babysitting and $25 for yard work.
When babysitting, Steiner’s responsibilities include playing with the toddler, changing her diaper, and feeding the child dinner.
“When I do yard work for my neighbors, I normally mow the lawn, water their flowers, and pull out weeds. But sometimes they ask me to do other things like cleaning out the shed, laying mulch and planting flowers,” Steiner said.
Jobs are very important because they bring skills that many will need in the real world. Teens need to learn how to be responsible with the money they earn and jobs are a easy way to do that.