Justin Bieber makes a return

Justin Bieber makes a return

Justin Bieber has finally made a thrilling return after a three-year hiatus. He released his first single in five years and announced that he would go on tour again. But there’s more! Justin also announced that he would release a 10-part documentary series.

Bieber dropped a sentimental first trailer for the series on Dec. 31.

“It’s so heartbreaking to see someone that I used to listen to growing up struggling behind the scenes,” freshman Jenna Saykomphone said.

Bieber’s documentary, Seasons, follows the life of 25-year-old Justin Bieber through his creative process to acquire his new album. It also gives fans a glimpse of Bieber’s personal life and his wedding to Hailey Baldwin.

“I’m happy to see he’s taken the time to get better and get back on track on his career,” Saykomphone said.

Justin Bieber: Seasons is an original YouTube series and will premiere on Jan. 27. New episodes will be released every Monday and Wednesday.

Bieber wanted to give his fans an intimate look at the “seasons” of his life, both positive and negative.

His closest friends and collaborators will also be featured on the series, talking about Bieber’s journey.