Keeping up with the Kardashians comes to an end

The family that everyone loved to hate. The successful and powerful women that have their daily life caught on camera. Keeping up with the Kardashians, the reality tv show is coming to its end. After 14 years of having their family and life broadcasted, they announced that the 20th season they release in early 2021 will be the last one.

Annandale students don’t seem to care that much. Most of them see the Kardashians as if they were rich people looking for attention. Not a lot of people really seem to be bothered but it still has caused some attention to the family. That shows us how much power their name has.

In a way, they are to sophomore Sam Wondwosen, who said “ we don’t care, they got their money and left” most of the quotes from other students were like that. no one seems to even wonder why they are canceling.

At Annandale high school, Senior Fauzah Kargbo said “I feel it’s about time… the whole show was about petty family drama or family vacations which included some more drama. Nobody really cares, they just have cute kids and that’s about it. They aren’t as important.”

Like Fauzah others agree, they believe that the flame they had under them when they started is starting to die out. No one really thinks about watching it anymore because it’s predictable or mockable.

In the end, all good things must come to an end. People argue that their show wasn’t good for them or entertaining, however, it is what got the family to branch out and make a name for themselves.