Daredevil has returned…


Ladies and gentlemen… “The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen” has returned. After months of rumors involving Daredevil supposedly being introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Kevin Fiege has officially confirmed Daredevil’s return in an interview with Cinemablend. 

“If you were to see Daredevil in upcoming things, Charlie Cox, yes would be the actor playing Daredevil. Where we see that how we see that, when we see that, remains to be seen.”

Daredevil is a beloved Marvel comics character that grew in popularity after Netflix announced and released Daredevil back in 2015 which ran for three seasons before being canceled in 2018. Charlie Cox played “The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen” with Deborah Ann Woll as Karen Page, Elden Henson as Nelson Foggy, Vincent D’Onofrio as Kingpin, Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle aka The Punisher, Elodie Yung as Elektra, and Wilson Bethel as Bullseye. Daredevil is a fan-favorite character within Marvel comics and many have been waiting for his inclusion in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Hardcore fans already know who Daredevil is either through his show or the comics, but for Marvel Cinematic Universe fans many may not know who he is. So, who’s Daredevil?

Daredevil first appeared in Daredevil issue #1 written by Stan Lee and art done by Bill Everett. Matthew Murdock’s younger life was filled with tragedy as his father was killed and his mother believed to have been dead, and he’d been doused with a radioactive chemical that blinded him after saving a blind person from an incoming truck. In the hospital, Murdock learned that his hearing, smell, and taste were amplified from the chemicals he’d been exposed to. After recovering, he was trained by a ninja named Stick which he also learned how to control his newfound abilities. He dawned on the vigilante name Daredevil in hopes of finding his father’s killer. Matthew Murdock by day and Daredevil by night, Murdock is also a lawyer who works alongside Karen Page and Nelson Foggy. He, along with Jennifer Walters aka She-Hulk, is the superhero community’s lawyer. Daredevil also has quite the rogues gallery as he’s faced off against Elektra, The Hand, Bullseye, and Kingpin. 

Daredevil’s inclusion in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a huge deal because this could mean the inclusion of other Marvel Netflix characters like Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist. After Marvel regained the rights to the Marvel Netflix characters, many were speculating how they’d be introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and it seems like Daredevil is the key which makes sense considering Hawkeye has Maya Lopez aka Echo who in the comics is a Daredevil character created by Joe Quesada. Assuming where Daredevil could appear, it’s most likely he could appear in She-Hulk but not as Daredevil; rather as lawyer Matthew Murdock. Jennifer Walters and Matthew Murdock going back and forth in court is a dream scene I’m hoping happens which would accurately display both characters.

Kevin Fiege has pulled off yet another crazy reveal to get Marvel fans excited for the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s a great time to be a Marvel fan, really a comic book fan, as so many beloved characters are being introduced for new fans to follow.